6 Steps to starting a blog


1. Planning ahead is crucial when it comes to web related projects. A solid foundation to your projects will ensure that it succeeds down the line. Take out a piece of paper and answer the following questions: What will I be writing about? What is the overall goal of my blog? How often should I be posting?
2. Any blog or website needs a good domain name and web hosting. The name of your blog will normally be determined by its goals and your blog name will normally determine the domain name. Get a domain name and hosting from Yadah Media today. You can place an order on our website. yadahmedia.com
3. Now that you have your domain name and hosting now you can install a CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. A CMS is a content management software that enables you to easily change text and upload pictures on your blog without much technical skills.
4. WordPress themes and plugins are available all over the web. The theme you choose to use should fit in with the your blogs topics and reflect its time. After installing your new theme and plugins you should be able to easily change your blogs logo and color to reflect your style.
5. The time has come to start writing! What you’re going to write will determine the success of your blog, so your make sure your articles are relevant and well-written. Make sure your blog is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly can assist with this.
6. Readers will not fall out of the sky, you need to tell people about your blog and make sure they want to read it. This is the most difficult part about blogging.


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